NewsRussian dream of new conquests. Three countries mentioned

Russian dream of new conquests. Three countries mentioned

The Russians have a new goal, Vladimir Putin dreams of attacking the Baltic countries.
The Russians have a new goal, Vladimir Putin dreams of attacking the Baltic countries.
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12:02 PM EDT, October 18, 2023, updated: 1:34 AM EDT, October 19, 2023

The war in Ukraine has been going on for over six hundred days, and the Russians are far from ending it successfully. However, this does not prevent them from looking towards other countries and dreaming up visions of more wars. This time, the Kremlin's propaganda has targeted countries whose independence irritates many in Moscow, including Vladimir Putin himself.

The Russians have a new target for their military conquests and are eyeing the Baltic countries. Their independence has essentially been a thorn in the side of decision-makers in Moscow from the very beginning, and Vladimir Putin dreams of attacking and conquering Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. In this way, he would realize his sick plan of rebuilding the empire, and incidentally enrich the country.

On the subject, that despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russia dreams of more conquests was spoken on the air of his propaganda program by Sergey Mardan, one of the Kremlin's favorites. He is the one behind the aggressive rhetoric and justifying the bloody war as the "desire" of the entire Russian nation. He had said some time ago that it is a matter of national pride.

He has now set his sights on other countries and other nations. As befits an empire.

The rhetoric of Russian authorities and the words spoken on air by Putin's "media soldier" are shocking. For one, a war is ongoing and the Russian military is losing it, paying with the blood of soldiers to maintain a fragile line of the front. Furthermore, the aforementioned Baltic states are part of NATO and the European Union.

So a Russian strike on their territories would lead to a regional, and perhaps even a global conflict. And Moscow is certainly not ready to confront opponents as powerful as the USA, Western European countries or Poland. And they will certainly defend the independence of the Baltic States. So what is Russia aiming for?

And he added that everything will happen in due time. The Russians like to instill fear in their neighbors and they like to look down on them. And Sergei Mardan, the former radio presenter of Komsomolskaya Pravda, expressed what is said and felt in the Kremlin. Intimidating the Baltic countries is nothing new, just like Russian claims to their territories.

That same Mardan said in the summer that an attack on Ukraine is a matter of "good mood of the Russians," because "their national pride has been trampled for years." By implication: the existence of Ukraine or other nations that are now independent from Moscow, must hurt Russians. Especially those who dream of returning to the times of the USSR. Just like Vladimir Putin.

The problem is that no nation of the former USSR wants it to return, and the war in Ukraine has shown, that it is possible to effectively resist Russia. Moscow has not yet won the confrontation with one neighbor, but is already reaching out to another.

On March 11, 1990, Lithuania declared its independence and left the USSR. A year later, its neighbors followed suit. On August 20, 1991, Estonia declared its independence and separated from the Soviet Union. The next day, Latvia announced its departure from the USSR. Today, all three countries are members of the European Union, part of the United Nations, and members of NATO.

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