NewsRussian division refuses attack on Kharkiv amid Ukraine conflict

Russian division refuses attack on Kharkiv amid Ukraine conflict

Offensive on Kharkiv
Offensive on Kharkiv
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6:46 AM EDT, May 11, 2024

The Tatar-Ukrainian resistance movement Atesh has reported that one of the Russian divisions declined to participate in the attack on Kharkiv. This information comes from an informant within the Russian army.

An informant from the Atesh movement, who serves in a motorized rifle battalion of the 44th Corps of the Russian Armed Forces, revealed that one of the divisions in his unit decisively refused to take part in the assault on the Kharkiv region, according to the "Ukrainian Truth" website.

This informant reported that members of this unit are fully aware of the robust fortifications along the Russo-Ukrainian border. They have also observed Russian forces' failure of diversionary tactics and reconnaissance missions.

A segment of the unit reportedly declined to follow orders from the Russian command.

Russian Offensive in the Kharkiv Region

The ongoing Russian offensive near Kharkiv is expected to escalate, and there are indications that Russia might be planning a direct assault on the city, said National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby on Friday. He mentioned that the USA is working closely with Ukraine to counter the offensive.

During an online press briefing, Kirby expressed concerns that the offensive in the northeast could intensify, potentially enabling Russia to capture some territories.

However, he expressed confidence in Ukrainian defense capabilities to fend off the attack and does not anticipate any significant advances at the front line. Kirby highlighted that Russia aims to establish a "shallow buffer zone" to more effectively target Kharkiv. He reminded that Russia had pulled back from areas around Kharkiv in 2022 to concentrate on battles in the east.

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