EntertainmentRussian children's TV show stirs controversy with military-themed propaganda song

Russian children's TV show stirs controversy with military-themed propaganda song

Propaganda in Russian television
Propaganda in Russian television
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3:28 PM EST, February 9, 2024

"Soon I'll grow up and become a military chemist! I'll make a bomb out of dough, the Russian army is waiting for me! Strong, bold, brave, strong in spirit, the most important. Our army will always defend; our army is strong in spirit," sing the cheerful young boys clad in military uniforms.

This performance was part of an episode from the Russian show "Wheel of Fortune", otherwise known as "Field of Miracles". Such musical interludes are a standard feature of this program. Interestingly, it appears they can also be a vehicle for propagandistic content.

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian foreign minister, shared a clip of the program online. He captioned it, "What Russia is doing to its children is a crime in itself."

"Students all over Russia are making candles for soldiers. They take a can of preserves, pour in paraffin from church candles, insert a wick, and send it to the front. It's a popular initiative. The idea is for such a candle to provide warmth to 'our boys'. " Schoolchildren are also sewing camouflage nets. Everyone's help is enlisted – even the youngest. It resembles the Soviet pattern of defense against the Nazis," Siegień commented.

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