SportsRussian bombs destroy sports hall, injure children in Ukraine

Russian bombs destroy sports hall, injure children in Ukraine

In the picture: bombed room
In the picture: bombed room
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10:04 AM EDT, May 4, 2024

Russians seem indifferent to where their bombs and rockets land, aiming primarily to instill fear among Ukrainians. Recently, a facility used by young athletes was hit, resulting in injuries.

The conflict in Ukraine has persisted for over two years without any indication of a swift resolution. Russian forces have shown no intention of retreating, employing tactics designed to compel Ukrainians into conceding on their terms. The atmosphere of terror is unrelenting, with bomb alerts becoming a commonplace aspect of Ukrainian life.

Indifference to the impact of their bombings is characteristic of Russian soldiers. The targeting of civilian sites and critical infrastructure by the aggressor is a disturbing norm. Hospitals and sports facilities have not been spared in these attacks.

An unexpected attack

Since the conflict's onset, many venues regularly frequented by Ukrainian athletes, such as stadiums and halls, have been decimated. A recent incident in the village of Derkachy in the Kharkiv region has brought this issue into sharp focus.

A KAB-500 aerial bomb, weighing over half a ton, with nearly 880 pounds of explosive material, was dropped on a sports hall. The timing was perilous, as people, including children and youths from a local karate club, were normally practicing there at the time of the attack.

The severity of the situation meant the air-raid alarm went unnoticed. The fitness club's director only became aware of the attack online, which was too late for an evacuation.

Thankfully, there were no fatalities, but injuries were reported. Six children were harmed, four of whom sustained moderate injuries, with the others suffering minor injuries. Additionally, a 75-year-old man was injured.

Ukraine continues to tally the devastating impact on its sporting sector due to Russian aggression. Since the war began, over 500 sports facilities have been destroyed. Reconstructing these facilities would require a budget exceeding 300 million dollars.

The human toll is also significant, with hundreds within the sports community, including athletes, officials, and fans, losing their lives during the conflict.

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