TechRussian Bastion-P missile systems on the move in occupied Crimea, fears grow over potential threat

Russian Bastion-P missile systems on the move in occupied Crimea, fears grow over potential threat

The Russian Bastion-P system recorded by Ukrainian partisans
The Russian Bastion-P system recorded by Ukrainian partisans
Images source: © Telegram | Atesh

6:00 AM EST, January 20, 2024

"Our agent undertaking reconnaissance activities in Sevastopol recorded the transfer of two self-propelled launchers SPU 340P, also known as the coastal missile system Bastion-P. This system is used to destroy various classes and types of ships and, in certain scenarios, land targets," the group's message read.

As is customary, members of Atesh provided photos intended to support their published information. They stated they could identify the Russian unit to which the noticed Bastion-P complexes belong and their intended destination.

"Bastion-P in Crimea"

It's important to note that development on the Bastion-P started in the 90s, yet the first of these complexes only entered service in the Russian army in the 21st century. Their primary function is to destroy various surface ships, including battle groups operating alongside aircraft carriers, convoys, and landing boats. However, as Atesh noted in their message, the system can also eliminate land targets. An 8x8 wheel arrangement ensures the mobility of the entire system.

Onyx: The missile carrier

Crucially, the Bastion-P is one of the primary carriers of the Onyx supersonic missiles. Each of these missiles is almost 30 feet long and weighs around 3 tons, with approximately 660 lbs making up the warhead. These missiles can attack targets up to 186 miles away and achieve speeds of almost 3 Ma (about 1864 miles/hour).

This is the latest report concerning the movements of Russians in Crimea. Earlier on, the Atesh group discovered a secret weapons depot at a railway station and the transport of several KAMAZ trucks loaded with so-called dragon's teeth, which are used for creating fortifications and anti-tank barriers. The group also reported the loss of a Tarantul-type 205P ship by the Russians, a unit that was seized during the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

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