NewsRussian Attacks Halt Agriculture in Kharkiv, Agroton Reports Devastation

Russian Attacks Halt Agriculture in Kharkiv, Agroton Reports Devastation

Russia strikes Ukrainian grain facilities. (illustrative picture)
Russia strikes Ukrainian grain facilities. (illustrative picture)
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1:31 PM EDT, April 17, 2024

Due to continuous shelling by Russia, spring fieldwork has become impossible, and production activity is currently on hold. Russian shelling has led to the destruction of all manufacturing plants in the Kharkiv region, as announced by Agroton in a recent statement.

This repeated information emphasizes the severity of the situation in the Kharkiv region, where Agroton has reported the devastation of its manufacturing facilities because of Russian military actions.

Agroton detailed in their communications that the ongoing conflict has rendered spring fieldwork unfeasible, forcing a temporary halt in production activities.

Agroton, a versatile agricultural production company based in eastern Ukraine, has detailed its operations on its website. The company is distinguished in its region for excelling in grain seed sales, livestock breeding and sales, and the production of food products.

Furthermore, Agroton is the principal operator of grain elevators in the Luhansk region, boasting a storage capacity of approximately 259,042 tons for its group of elevators.

Moreover, Agroton is recognized as Ukraine’s largest producer of sunflower seeds and the fourth largest wheat producer in the country.

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