NewsRussian attack disrupts power and water supply in Dnipro

Russian attack disrupts power and water supply in Dnipro

War in Ukraine. Illustrative picture.
War in Ukraine. Illustrative picture.
Images source: © Getty Images | 2024 Anadolu, Yevhen Titov
3:12 AM EST, February 13, 2024

The Ukrainian air force has reported a combined drone and missile attack on Dnipro.

Public broadcaster Suspilne confirmed that power has been disrupted in certain parts of the city, while newspaper Dzerkalo Tyzhnia reported that the water supply has also been affected.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has now lasted 720 days. President Volodymyr Zelensky plans to visit Paris and Berlin to garner support for Ukraine. According to sources familiar with the matter, this visit is intended to precede this week's Munich Security Conference, as reported by Bloomberg on Monday evening.

It is rumored that Zelensky plans a tour of Western European capitals seeking military support. This move comes after the U.S. Senate rejected a bill combining funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan with immigration reform last Wednesday.

Sources: Telegram, Suspilne, Bloomberg

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