SportsRussian athlete outfits. These photos tell the whole story

Russian athlete outfits. These photos tell the whole story

The photos of "outfits" for the Russians should go to the IOC.
The photos of "outfits" for the Russians should go to the IOC.
Images source: © Czech Reflex, Facebook

1:28 PM EST, December 10, 2023, updated: 5:18 AM EST, December 11, 2023

The IOC sparked global outrage by permitting Russian athletes to partake in the Olympics. Among those dissenting this scandalous decision was the Czech magazine Reflex. Journalists created designs of blood-soaked outfits meant for the Russian participants.

Remember, Russian and Belarusian athletes are eligible to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The IOC will only disallow sports teams and competitors directly associated with Putin's military regime.

Amidst the competition, utilizing colors and other national symbols of these countries, for instance on sports attire or during the award rituals, is forbidden. But based on experiences, we are aware that athletes from the aforementioned countries can adeptly bypass such "restrictions".

A striking display: Outfit designs for Russian athletes

Reflex, a Czech publication, ventured to create 'neutral outfits' that could be worn by Russian and Belarusian athletes. The result is quite an arresting visual display.

The Czech journalists propose that athletes from the belligerent nation that invaded Ukraine, appear in shirts and pants stained red, along with similarly "bloodied" tracksuits and shoes. It is confirmed that the outfits were designed using artificial intelligence.

Sport is interwoven with politics, and Russia is a stark example of this fact. Putin exploits athletes to endorse a terrorist regime. Athletes inadvertently facilitate the validation of his cruel war. This must not be tolerated - penned the journalists of Reflex magazine.

Keep in mind, the final determination regarding the participation of Russians in the Olympics will be made by the sports associations of individual disciplines. The international athletics organization, World Athletics (formerly IAAF), has already decided that athletes from Russia and Belarus will not participate in the Paris event. Nevertheless, we are certain to see tennis player representation from these countries at the Olympics.

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