TechRussian army deploys S-300 air defense near St. Petersburg following Ukrainian drone attacks

Russian army deploys S‑300 air defense near St. Petersburg following Ukrainian drone attacks

S-300 System in Petersburg
S-300 System in Petersburg
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4:37 AM EST, January 24, 2024

It should be noted that in recent days, Ukrainian forces executed an attack on the oil depot using drones. The Main Directorate of Military Intelligence in Ukraine (GUR) orchestrated a special operation, in which drones capable of covering a range of approximately 745 miles were reportedly used. The Russians confirmed that they identified three devices that hit the Petersburg facility.

According to the Defense Blog, the Russians are preparing long-range S-300 units because of this event. The released footage showcases two vehicles that the Russians are deploying out of apprehension of additional attacks - one car is already in place. At the same time, the other is being maneuvered into position.

The S-300 Air Defense System

The vehicles seen in the footage from St. Petersburg represent the equipment development that started in the 1960s. The ambition of the USSR at the time was to devise a comprehensive anti-aircraft system capable of engaging targets at any altitude. Consequently, multiple variants were developed for the navy (S-300F), the army (S-300W), and the country's air defense (S-300P).

The most extensively utilized variant, identified by the letter P, utilizes various missiles. The first missile designed was the 5W55. It is equipped with a single-stage solid fuel engine and four deployable control surfaces at the rear of the structure. Once the rocket is launched, it is propelled to a height of approximately 66 feet, following which a cruising engine is activated for 10 seconds, with the initial flight phase guided by an autopilot.

Alongside the 5W55 missile above, the Russians have radio command-controlled versions, using data from a radar head tracking the target. This ensures a high accuracy of the rocket even in the presence of electronic warfare devices.

Depending on the missile used, the S-300 system can span a distance from 29 miles extending to approximately 124 miles (missile 48N6E2). It operates at a minimum altitude of about 82 feet and can reach around 16 miles. This ensures that it can engage nearly all aerial targets. The launch weight of each missile is about 1.87 short tons, and it travels at a speed of around 6220 feet per second.

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