NewsRussian air force accidentally bombs own territory 38 times

Russian air force accidentally bombs own territory 38 times

Russians bombed their own land. Americans reveal the truth
Russians bombed their own land. Americans reveal the truth
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8:33 PM EDT, July 1, 2024

"The Washington Post" revealed the extent of the alarming "achievements" of the Russian military. According to American journalists, Russian aviation repeatedly, although accidentally, dropped bombs on the Belgorod region, which is part of the Russian Federation. Such is the efficiency of Vladimir Putin's army, once known as the "second in the world."

"The Washington Post" revealed the extent of accidental Russian bomb strikes on their territory. According to information from Ukrainian intelligence, citing a document from the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Belgorod, over a year, Russian aircraft bombed their territory as many as 38 times.

These dozens of mistakes occurred from April 2023 to April 2024. The disclosed data show that 4 bombs fell directly on Belgorod, with another 7 landing near the city. According to the document, most missiles that hit the ground did not explode and were later found by residents.

The Russian portal independently calculates the number of bombs falling on Russian territory and the Ukrainian lands occupied since 2014. According to a July 1 publication, there have been 119 such incidents in the past four months. Russian authorities have only confirmed a few of these incidents on state territory or occupied territories.

Russian aviation holds air superiority. Will Ukraine respond?

Since the escalation of aggression in February 2022, the Russians have had a decisive advantage in the number of aircraft operating in Ukrainian airspace. Fighters bombard military targets and strategically important facilities - power plants, hospitals, factories. Bombs and missiles also hit civilian buildings. Putin's troops have no scruples.

Therefore, although decisions took a long time, Ukraine will finally be equipped with Western combat aircraft. Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Belgium are set to deliver dozens of F-16s this summer. However, there is still a race against time - pilots must be trained, all logistics must be prepared, and machines must be delivered to ensure they are not destroyed before they can be taken to the skies.

Therefore, it is uncertain when and if Ukraine will be able to balance its air capability against Russia.

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