TechRussia updates Iskander missiles for better precision in Ukraine conflict

Russia updates Iskander missiles for better precision in Ukraine conflict

Iskander System
Iskander System
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7:31 AM EDT, March 28, 2024

According to Defence Blog, Russians are modifying their Iskander missile systems based on experiences gathered from the war in Ukraine. These updates focus on the 9M723 ballistic missiles used within the Iskander-M system, which boasts a range of approximately 311 miles. These enhancements aim to facilitate even more effective strikes against Ukraine.

These insights stem from the analysis of remnants of Iskander missiles that have recently fallen in Ukraine. Experts noted that the missiles now contain altered decoys designed to mislead Ukrainian air defense systems by emitting false radio signals.

Russians enhance Iskanders

Defence Blog reports that "the original decoys have been swapped out for additional receivers resistant to satellite signals, akin to those found in gliding bombs and Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones." This modification suggests that Russian engineers are focusing more on boosting the resilience and precision of the Iskander missiles rather than relying on decoys.

The Iskander is a land-based ballistic missile system intended for striking vital military targets such as airports, command centers, or communication networks alongside civilian infrastructure like power plants. The use of these missiles against Ukraine is a regular occurrence, posing significant threats. The Iskander-M system, in particular, fires ballistic missiles weighing 8380 to 8860 pounds (varying with the payload) and measuring over 23 feet in length and close to a meter in diameter.

With a top speed ranging from Mach 6 to 7, Iskander-M's ballistic missiles present a considerable challenge for an opponent's anti-aircraft and missile defense systems. What's more, the destruction of a rocket does not eradicate its threat. The ensuing fragments remain hazardous, risking lives and safety. Consequently, it's crucial to intercept these missiles away from heavily populated or urban areas.

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