NewsRussia unleashes massive missile barrage on Ukraine, targets energy sector

Russia unleashes massive missile barrage on Ukraine, targets energy sector

Massive attack on Ukraine.
Massive attack on Ukraine.
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8:12 AM EDT, March 22, 2024

It was a challenging night for our eastern neighbours as Russia launched a significant missile attack on Ukraine. Cities such as Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Sumy, and Kryvyi Rih were targeted. An air raid alarm was sounded in Kyiv. In response, the Polish military scrambled jets.

On the morning of March 22, Russia executed a large-scale offensive against Ukraine. The assault utilized various weapons, including kamikaze drones, cruise missiles, and hypersonic missiles, primarily targeting the energy infrastructure across multiple cities.

The Ukrainian energy sector experienced one of its largest attacks in recent weeks, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Haluszczenko reported on Facebook.

In Kharkiv, the attacks were especially devastating, with at least 15 loud explosions reported. The strikes disrupted the electricity, internet, and water supply in parts of the city. Missiles also hit Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipro, and Sumy, while Kyiv was put on air raid alert.

Anton Herashchenko, from the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, shared that Zaporizhzhia endured 12 attacks.

Seven residential buildings have been destroyed and 35 damaged, based on initial reports. The exact number of injuries is currently being assessed. Explosions also occurred in other Ukrainian cities, marking another sleepless night for many Ukrainians, Anton Herashchenko posted on social media.

Ukraine’s largest hydroelectric power plant suffers damage

Ukrhydroenergo, the state company overseeing Ukraine's major hydroelectric plants, announced that the country's largest hydroelectric facility, the Zaporizhzhia Power Plant on the Dnieper, was damaged during the attack.

A fire broke out at the plant, but the company assured that there is no risk of the dam breaking and that the situation is manageable. Following the attack, the police in the Zaporizhzhia region announced that traffic across the Dnieper dam in Zaporizhzhia was halted.

The Polish military responds

In light of the extensive Russian assault on Ukraine, the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces issued a critical statement.

This evening, we've observed significant activity from Russia's long-range aviation, including missile launches by Tu-95, Tu-22, and MIG-31 aircraft targeting locations within Ukraine.
We have implemented all necessary measures to assure the security of Polish airspace and are meticulously monitoring the situation. Beware that Polish and allied aircraft are operational, potentially leading to elevated noise levels, especially in the southeast of the country, as stated on the X portal by the Operational Command.

A follow-up update announced the completion of Polish and allied aviation operations within Polish airspace. The Polish military also emphasized its ongoing vigilance regarding the situation in Ukraine and its readiness to respond.

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