TechRussia suffers significant loss of prized T-90M tanks in Donetsk

Russia suffers significant loss of prized T‑90M tanks in Donetsk

Tank T-90M
Tank T-90M
Images source: © | Konstantin Morozow
2:33 PM EST, March 6, 2024

A report from the Special Kherson Cat profile on the X platform, referencing information from the WarSpotting portal, indicated that the Russians lost three T-90M Proryw tanks on Monday, March 4. Images shared online show that each of the destroyed tanks was outfitted with an anti-drone cage. Two of the three T-90Ms were taken down by loitering munitions. The means by which the third T-90M was destroyed remains unclear.

Considering the estimated production cost of a single Proryw unit at about $4.5 million, the financial impact of the losses near Yampolivka to Russia amounted to at least $13.5 million in just one day.

Putin's Pride, the T-90M Proryw Tank

Vladimir Putin, amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, proclaimed that "the T-90 Proryw is, without exaggeration, the best tank in the world." The Russian President has advocated for the continued development of their premier battle tank, suggesting the introduction of future T-90 variants.

Despite Putin's assertions regarding this cutting-edge tank, the front lines tell a different story with frequent T-90M Proryw losses. Ukrainians have adeptly targeted and destroyed T-90M Proryw tanks in combat — the recent destruction of three such tanks in a single event is especially significant, pointing to the challenges Russia faces in compensating for these battlefield losses.

The T-90M Proryw's effectiveness in battle is credited to its smoothbore cannon 2A46M-5, 125 mm in diameter, coupled with the Kalina modern fire control system. Additionally, this Russian design incorporates 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns. It also offers improved crew safety with armor that is significantly more durable than that of older Soviet tanks.

The T-90M is equipped with the Relikt reactive armor, enhancing the protection of both the hull and turret. Notably, it features a power unit capable of producing 1,000 horsepower, propelling the tank to speeds of up to 40 mph.

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