NewsRussia seeks to construct an underwater tunnel to Crimea with China's help

Russia seeks to construct an underwater tunnel to Crimea with China's help

The Crimean Bridge is continuously being shelled by Ukrainians.
The Crimean Bridge is continuously being shelled by Ukrainians.
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6:04 AM EST, November 25, 2023

Moscow remains committed to establishing a connection with Crimea. Regular attacks on the Crimean Bridge by Ukrainians have resulted in severed ties between the annexed and occupied peninsula and mainland Russia. Consequently, the Kremlin is contemplating the idea of creating a link with Crimea through an underwater tunnel.

The Washington Post reports on this new contentious plan by Russia, referencing Ukrainian intelligence. The plan is for the Kremlin to delegate the task of constructing an underwater tunnel linking mainland Russia and the Crimean Peninsula.

China's most prominent construction companies are earmarked to handle the tunnel's construction. Data intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence suggests they have already shown a willingness to invest.

Preliminary data indicates regular Russians will not utilize the tunnel to ensure safe passage to and from Crimea. Instead, the effort is geared toward military use.

Possible implications of a tunnel to Crimea

The Russian military views the tunnel as an effective means of transporting weapons, ammunition, and other military supplies. It would offer a safe conduit for military supplies, shielded from Ukrainian assaults. These deductions are based on messages intercepted by Ukrainian services.

What could be the implications of constructing such a tunnel? As per Ukrainian authorities, the outlined plans by the Kremlin are indicative of their readiness for a lengthy and devastating war.

This is regretfully another sign that Putin is prepared for a protracted war. Actions need to be implemented to hinder his progress - commented Anton Herashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and former deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine.

It remains unclear whether the Chinese will choose to undertake this disputed and risky collaboration with the Russians. The Kremlin also has no assurances that the costly tunnel will resist Ukrainian assaults. The construction of a tunnel under wartime conditions will also present significant challenges.

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