NewsRussia responds to imminent NATO Nordic Response drills: 'New phase of militaristic activities'?

Russia responds to imminent NATO Nordic Response drills: 'New phase of militaristic activities'?

Maria Zakharova
Maria Zakharova
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3:56 PM EST, February 7, 2024, updated: 3:59 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Maria Zakharova was referring to the military drills known as Nordic Response, set to transpire in several weeks in the northern territories of Sweden, Norway, and Finland. She indicated that over 20,000 soldiers from various branches of the military, representing 14 different nations, are expected to participate. She added that Russia cannot remain passive in response.

"Russia will find a way to mitigate threats to its national security stemming from the augmented military presence of NATO near its borders," she relayed during the briefing regarding the forthcoming Nordic Response exercises under the auspices of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Zakharova stated that she will employ suitable defensive measures to safeguard the nation. The diplomat further noted that these exercises represent a "new phase of militaristic activities" leading to a "heightening of tensions in the European region".

The maneuvers in Scandinavian countries: what we know so far

NATO will be conducting the Nordic Response military exercises. The drills are slated for the first half of March. Representatives from the army, air force, and navy will all participate. Submarines, frigates, corvettes, aircraft carriers, and landing units are scheduled to be present at sea.

Fighter jets, transport aircraft, allied helicopters, and maritime surveillance machines will take to the skies. Tanks and artillery systems will join the maneuvers on land. These drills are part of the largest NATO exercises in several decades.

The Steadfast Defender 2024 exercise will exhibit NATO's ability to quickly deploy forces from North America and other parts of the alliance to bolster Europe's defense, according to the statement. The exercises will be carried out as part of carefully prepared regional plans.

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