NewsRussia redirects troops to counter guerrilla warfare in Belgorod region

Russia redirects troops to counter guerrilla warfare in Belgorod region

Tense situation in Russia. The Kremlin withdraws some soldiers from the front.
Tense situation in Russia. The Kremlin withdraws some soldiers from the front.
Images source: © East News | ALEXEY DANICHEV
1:56 PM EDT, March 21, 2024

In the Belgorod Oblast of Russia, intense conflict with guerrilla units continues. Due to the severity of the situation, the Kremlin has chosen to redeploy a portion of its forces from Ukraine to assist in repelling attacks in the Belgorod region.

According to Ukrinform, this development was disclosed by an anonymous Kremlin source.

"The attacks on Belgorod necessitate the withdrawal of Russian troops from the front lines," the source revealed.

"The war is ongoing," he added, highlighting the skirmishes around Belgorod.

Partisans launch attacks in Russia

For the past week, the border regions of the Belgorod Oblast have faced ongoing bombardments from Ukraine and have been raided by sabotage units comprising Russian volunteers allied with Kyiv - including the "Freedom of Russia" Legion, Siberian Battalion, and Russian Volunteer Corps.

On Tuesday, the Belgorod Oblast authorities announced that access to the Graivoron area, along the border with Ukraine, has been restricted since March 20, following the earlier partial relocation of residents. Checkpoints have been installed at the entry points of localities, permitting residents brief visits home to care for their animals.

Moreover, the governor of the oblast, Vyacheslav Gladkov, announced that nine thousand children will be evacuated from Belgorod and the region's border districts.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated, "Authorities are taking measures to enhance regional security." "There are various strategies being employed. The challenge is formidable, but we are committed to overcoming it," he declared.

Putin also promised to support those who, due to the conflict in the Belgorod Oblast, have lost their homes—a number likely to increase. The Russian military's engagement with the saboteurs reveals its characteristic Soviet approach. This was particularly evident in footage from Kozinka, a village situated right on the border with Ukraine, where FAB-500 half-ton aerial bombs were deployed against the saboteurs.

Source: Ukrinform/WP News

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