NewsRussia ramps up military might with new airport in Belgorod

Russia ramps up military might with new airport in Belgorod

Russia ramps up military might with new airport in Belgorod
Images source: © Getty Images | Erik Romanenko

1:31 PM EDT, April 30, 2024

According to an OSINT analyst, Russia is constructing a new military airport in the Belgorod region. Recent satellite images have revealed the ongoing construction efforts.

“Russia is constructing a new airport approximately 5.6 miles west of the centre of Alexeyevka, a key military logistics hub in the Belgorod region,” the OSINT analyst reported on Monday via the X service.

The expert highlighted that "in July 2023, a road leading to the site was constructed, and at the onset of winter, work on the runway was halted."

Construction at the site resumed on Saturday. Analyzing satellite images, the OSINT analyst deduced that the runway might extend roughly 1.12 miles.

It was noted that "the airport is expected to accommodate An-26 and An-72 transport aircraft, as well as Su-25 attack planes."

The researcher’s observations suggest that the Russian military utilizes Alexeyevka primarily as a fuel storage and transportation hub. The city also boasts an armored vehicle repair facility.

It’s important to mention that, following the onset of the harsh Russian invasion of Ukraine, a no-fly zone for civilian aircraft has been enforced in the area. Radio Liberty released the most recent satellite pictures of the construction site on Telegram.

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