NewsRussia gears up for summer offensive in Ukraine, warns intelligence

Russia gears up for summer offensive in Ukraine, warns intelligence

War in Ukraine. Illustrative photo
War in Ukraine. Illustrative photo
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12:17 PM EDT, April 6, 2024

The Russian military is reorganizing its forces across the entire front line and is likely preparing for a major operation in eastern Ukraine in the coming months, reported the Estonian broadcaster ERR, citing Col. Ants Kiviselg, head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center.

According to Col. Ants Kiviselg, the commander of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center, the reorganization of Russian forces coupled with massive bombardments indicates that Russia is preparing for a larger offensive at the beginning of summer.

Russia is preparing for a new offensive in eastern Ukraine

With the deteriorating situation in eastern Ukraine, the Russian Federation has begun deploying larger armored units, albeit so far without significant success. Nonetheless, it has started reorganizing its forces across the entire front, which may lead to intensifying hostilities in the coming weeks, said Kiviselg during a press conference on Friday.

Russia has continued bombing targets both near the front line and deep within Ukrainian territory throughout March. Kiviselg suggests that through these actions, Russian forces are attempting to plan future operations and demonstrate Moscow's power, aiming to dissuade Western allies from supporting Ukraine.

However, the Estonian colonel assessed that the expected new large-scale Russian offensive will still require mobilization, which the Russian Federation has prepared for, but it remains uncertain if it will happen in the coming weeks.

Belarusian army will not enter Ukraine

Responding to a question from a Russian journalist, the head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center expressed skepticism about Belarus's involvement. "It's more likely propaganda. We do not believe that the Belarusian armed forces are in a readiness or training state that would allow them to join the attack on Ukraine," said the colonel.

Source: ERR

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