NewsRussia gears up for major May offensive, captures Ukrainian town

Russia gears up for major May offensive, captures Ukrainian town

Russians are already preparing. They are planning a "major offensive."
Russians are already preparing. They are planning a "major offensive."
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9:43 AM EDT, April 30, 2024

The Financial Times reported that Moscow is planning a significant offensive towards the end of May. According to anonymous sources from the British newspaper, Russian forces are already underway with preparations for the operation.

These sources allege that preceding this “major offensive,” Russian forces are launching missile strikes on Kharkiv and other key locations to weaken the opposition's defences.

Furthermore, anonymous sources linked to the Ukrainian Armed Forces told "Bild" that there is a concern over an imminent attack on the city. They speculate that the Kremlin might deploy 20,000 to 40,000 troops for this battle.

Disheartening updates from the Ukraine front as Russian forces advance

Russian troops have likely captured Ocheretyne, a town in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. According to the independent Russian outlet Meduza, the aggressor's forces have pushed approximately 4.35 miles westward in this area, as reported on Monday. The Ukrainian side has not verified these claims as of now.

The Deep State project, associated with the Ministry of Defense in Kiev, disclosed overnight from Saturday to Sunday that around 80 percent of Ocheretyne is under enemy control, with engagements still ongoing for the remainder. Business Insider notes that the Russian forces faced virtually no resistance in Ocheretyne due to a strategic blunder by the Ukrainian forces involving troop rotation. The 47th mechanized brigade, which was stationed there, was due to be succeeded by the 115th mechanized brigade. However, Meduza reports that the relief did not reach their positions in time.

It has been stressed that recent Russian advances in Ocheretyne and its vicinity are on what is considered the “most perilous section of the front” for Ukraine.

Additionally, on Monday, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow declared that Russian forces had conquered the village of Semeniwka, located a few miles northwest of Avdiivka, a city taken by the aggressor in mid-February. The Ukrainian military has not provided an official response to this claim.

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