TechRussia fortifies Kerch Bridge against advanced Ukrainian drones

Russia fortifies Kerch Bridge against advanced Ukrainian drones

The Russians are trying to protect the Crimean Bridge from attacks by Ukrainian maritime drones.
The Russians are trying to protect the Crimean Bridge from attacks by Ukrainian maritime drones.
Images source: © X | Brady Africk

6:08 AM EDT, May 24, 2024

The Russians are afraid of an attack by Ukrainian marine drones on the Kerch Bridge. As the Ukrainian military service reported, additional barriers have started to appear nearby. These barriers, which consist of interconnected barges, can be seen in satellite images. So far, seven such installations have been observed, each about 295-328 feet long.

The "Crimean Wind" group, which monitors the situation in Crimea, published satellite images on Telegram showing the fortifications the Russians are building around the Kerch Bridge (also known as the Crimean Bridge). According to their explanation, instead of using barrels filled with foam and connected by cables, small barges have been installed this time. Their task is to protect the bridge from Ukrainian surface and underwater drones, which can carry powerful warheads.

The Russians are trying to protect the Crimean Bridge

The Crimean Bridge, which connects the Russian Federation with the Crimea it occupies, has long been one of the main targets on the Ukrainian army's list. Multiple attempts have been made to destroy it. One such attempt took place in July 2023, when Ukrainians reportedly used armed drones. The Russians are aware that these were likely not the last attacks on the Crimean Bridge and are taking measures to prevent them.

Recent reports of improvements made to the marine drones used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine may heighten these concerns. For example, the SeaBaby drones have reportedly been equipped with Grad rocket launchers, according to the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN. These devices were reportedly already used during attacks on Russian targets. However, opinions on the effectiveness of this solution are divided, with doubts raised about the ability to launch unguided rockets from an unstable platform.

SeaBaby drones themselves are eagerly used by Ukrainians. In their basic version, they resemble a motorboat in shape and size. The Ukrainians claim that these drones are multifunctional devices capable of carrying up to 1,900 pounds of explosives. SeaBaby drones are powered by jet propellers and equipped with day and thermal cameras and a laser rangefinder for measuring distances.

In March 2024, the Security Service of Ukraine reported working on a new version of SeaBaby drones called Avidiivka. According to the announcements, these new drones are expected to be even more dangerous, harder to detect, and capable of delivering nearly a ton of explosives over distances of up to 620 miles.

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