NewsRussia fortifies Crimea against potential Ukrainian incursion. A strategic buildup near Sasyk-Sivash

Russia fortifies Crimea against potential Ukrainian incursion. A strategic buildup near Sasyk-Sivash

Russia is preparing for a fight in Crimea. Evidence was shown.
Russia is preparing for a fight in Crimea. Evidence was shown.
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6:25 AM EST, January 16, 2024

The illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory by the Russian Federation occurred in 2014. This included the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the independent city of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula. Since then, tensions between both nations have escalated, with significant developments unfolding in February 2022.

Significance of Infrastructure

Three years ago, Russia completed the construction of a bridge, approximately 11 miles in length, connecting the Crimean Peninsula and the Taman Peninsula. This bridge represents a strategic asset for Russian and Crimea residents.

Construction details of the bridge

The bridge above, which came with a hefty price tag (by some estimates, exceeding $4 billion), consists of two lanes: one for vehicular traffic and the other for a railway line. It has significantly boosted freight transport connectivity between continental Russia and the peninsula.

Ukraine's Persistent Struggle for Crimea and the Russian Response

The Ukrainian army is not backing down from its stand to reclaim its former territories, including Crimea. This stance and the anticipation of a relentless fight from Ukraine are well recognized by Russia’s military, who are preparing for the worst-case scenario.

Evidence of Russia's Defensive Preparations

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, has shared evidence on social media suggesting the Russian army is fortifying its hold on the occupied Crimea.

Details of Defensive Efforts

Fortifications are underway along the shoreline of the Sasyk-Sivash Lake, south of Yevpatoria, adjacent to the railway line, and towards the north of the city near Donuzlav Bay. Gerashchenko reports that the Russians are constructing firing points at strategic locations along the coast, bunkers for long-range weapons, as well as hidden positions and "dragon's teeth" barbed-wire traps.

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