NewsRussia eyes Moldova amidst Ukraine offensive

Russia eyes Moldova amidst Ukraine offensive

Russia plans a hybrid attack on Moldova, wants to do it soon.
Russia plans a hybrid attack on Moldova, wants to do it soon.
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11:59 AM EDT, April 30, 2024

Russia is gearing up for a military offensive in Ukraine, but that's not where Vladimir Putin's ambitions end. According to Bloomberg, the Kremlin is also eyeing Moldova, where presidential elections and a referendum on joining the European Union are imminent, as another target for its disruptive tactics.

Moldova has been on Russia's radar for many months as a potential target for aggression. Recent reports further corroborate this concern.

As Bloomberg reveals, Russia plans to unleash a series of hybrid attacks on Moldova in the lead-up to the country's presidential elections and its EU membership referendum.

These critical votes are set for October this year, presenting Moscow with a prime opportunity to sow unrest.

Moldova in Russia's Crosshairs? The UK Steps Up to Assist

Bloomberg has learned that the possible hybrid attack on Moldova will be a key topic of discussion between the British Minister for Europe, Nusrat Ghani, and Moldova's Foreign Minister, Mihai Popsoi.

The discussions will center on Russia's covert efforts to destabilize Moldova, with the UK offering Chisinau crucial intelligence on the looming threat.

The Kremlin's Designs on Destabilizing Moldova

Russia's influence in Moldova, once part of the Soviet Union, is notably strong. The region of Transnistria, part of Moldova, has operated as a de facto independent entity since 1990, hosting Russian military units and a population that largely speaks Russian. Some residents openly hope for reincorporation into Russia.

Notably, in late February, officials from the separatist region of Transnistria sought Russia's assistance amidst what they described as "economic pressure" from Chisinau on Tiraspol. While the situation has yet to escalate, it echoes the events of 2014, when Russia, aided by "little green men," seized control of Ukraine's Donbas.

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