NewsRussia expands control in Ukraine, claims 211 square miles

Russia expands control in Ukraine, claims 211 square miles

Shoigu on gains in Ukraine. "547 square kilometers of territory"
Shoigu on gains in Ukraine. "547 square kilometers of territory"
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3:41 PM EDT, May 3, 2024

Russian forces have occupied 211 square miles of Ukrainian territory since the beginning of the year, announced the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoigu. He stated that recently, the invaders captured localities, including Novobakhmutivka, Semenivka, and Berdychi, in the Donetsk region.

Many pieces of information provided by Russian state media or Kremlin officials are likely not true. Such reports might be part of the information war waged by the Russian Federation.

Ukrainians were forced to retreat west of these localities, reported the minister during a meeting with senior Russian commanders.

The three localities mentioned by Shoigu are northwest of Avdiivka, a city Russian troops captured in mid-February. Since then, Ukrainian armed forces have gradually been forced to withdraw west of the city.

The situation at the front: Statement from the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled 50 Russian attacks near Avdiivka in the last 24 hours, reported the Ukrainian army's general staff on Friday. On Wednesday, the Ukrainian General Staff noted that the Avdiivka area is witnessing some of the heaviest fighting at the front.

In the coming weeks, Russians are expected to continue gaining tactical advantages near Avdiivka. However, the American Institute for the Study of War assessed at the beginning of this week that it is unlikely they will be able to make a deeper, significant operational advance into Ukrainian territory in this area in the short term.

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