NewsRussia expands air routes to North Korea for economic and military ties

Russia expands air routes to North Korea for economic and military ties

Russian airline airplanes do not offer too many foreign destinations.
Russian airline airplanes do not offer too many foreign destinations.
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6:36 AM EST, November 30, 2023

Russian airlines, having lost access to most of the European airspace, are compelled to consider alternative actions and explore unconventional routes that few other carriers would opt for.

Despite the restrictions, Russians can still travel to holiday destinations like Turkey or Thailand, though only the more affluent citizens can afford these trips.

Russian airlines have recently incorporated a new international route into their schedules, though it is hard to consider these flights as being aimed at tourists.

Pyongyang Emerges on Russian Airlines' Radar

As Russia strengthens its relationship with North Korea in areas including economic cooperation and military affairs, it is unsurprising that North Korea is appearing as a new destination for Russian airlines.

The Russian Civil Aviation Agency, Rosaviatsia, has issued a directive for Aeroflot and its subsidiary, Aurora, to launch flights to North Korea. Aeroflot would operate from Moscow, meanwhile, Aurora would fly from Vladivostok.

Currently, no other airline offers flights to Pyongyang. Aeroflot used to service this route but suspended operations some years ago. Air China previously ran flights to Pyongyang during the pandemic.

This new route may not prove to be a tempting attraction for tourists. Visitors wanting to tour North Korea must do so with the assistance of a travel agency and strictly adhere to staying with their designated group throughout their stay. Nonetheless, such a service could be useful to those looking to explore economic opportunities with Korea — under stringent state supervision, of course.

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