NewsRussia escalates Ukraine conflict with advanced guided bombs

Russia escalates Ukraine conflict with advanced guided bombs

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
7:51 AM EDT, March 11, 2024

The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), in its latest analysis, quotes the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Tavriya group, Captain Dmytro Lychovyi.

On Sunday, Lychovyi reported that Russian forces attacked Myrnohrad in Donetsk oblast with three D-30SN gliding bombs, controlled by universal gliding ammunition (UMPB), initially mistaken for S-300 missiles. He said the refined UMPB D-30SN gliding bombs are an updated version of the Soviet-era unguided gravity bombs FAB.

Russia initiates serial production of bombs

Analysts suggest that the Russian military has deployed unguided gliding bombs since January. However, based on information from Russian military bloggers, as mentioned by ISW, there has since been a shift to employing guided FAB UMPB gliding bombs in unspecified regions of Ukraine.

The enhanced bombs are equipped with a GLONASS/GPS Comet signal receiver that resists jamming and has foldable wings, similar to those of the Ch-101 cruise missile. They can be launched from both aircraft and ground missile systems.

Expert analysis suggests that the Russian arms industry is poised to start serial production of UMPB-guided aerial bombs, including jet engines and fuel tanks.

Furthermore, ISW notes that UMPB bombs considerably extend the maximum range of attack, estimated to be between 50 and 56 miles. This advance allows Russian aviation to strike targets from greater distances, markedly boosting their combat effectiveness. The new ordinance is slated for use along the entire Ukraine front line.

Source: ISW

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