NewsRussia deploys new s-500 air defence system in Crimea amidst conflict

Russia deploys new s‑500 air defence system in Crimea amidst conflict

Russia has deployed the S-500 Prometheus system in Crimea.
Russia has deployed the S-500 Prometheus system in Crimea.
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7:22 AM EDT, June 14, 2024

Russia is strengthening its forces in Crimea by deploying the new S-500 "Prometheus" anti-aircraft system.

General Kyrylo Budanov stated that the occupiers have deployed the latest S-500 air defense systems in Crimea. The Air Force reported that the Russians made this move after their S-300 and S-400 air defense systems were hit by Ukrainians over several nights.

"The Russians have deployed the latest air defense system in Crimea," said Budanov.

The S-500 Prometheus has an operational range of 373 miles. It features advanced systems that enable it to combat aircraft, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles at altitudes exceeding 114 miles.

The Ukrainian general highlighted that the Russians are trying to strengthen their air defense on the peninsula.

The Institute for the Study of War indicated that continuous Ukrainian attacks on Russian military targets in occupied Crimea are forcing the Russian military to direct additional air defense resources to Crimea. This is to defend existing bases and logistical infrastructure. Further Ukrainian attacks on such military targets in occupied Crimea could render the peninsula untenable.

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