NewsRussia deepens ties with North Korea - exchanging ammo for resources

Russia deepens ties with North Korea - exchanging ammo for resources

North Korea speeds up weapons deliveries to Russia
North Korea speeds up weapons deliveries to Russia
Images source: © X, Unsplash | Ian Taylor
11:29 AM EST, February 27, 2024

Russia is intensifying its cooperation with North Korea. According to the Nexta agency, Kim Jong Un's regime is frequently shipping containers of ammunition to Russia. In exchange, Moscow provides Pyongyang with food, raw materials, and weapon production components.

With the Ukraine conflict ongoing for two years, ammunition shortages are becoming a critical issue for both sides. President Zelensky is actively urging the United States and European nations to provide additional support.

Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, is bolstering alliances with authoritarian regimes. Reports have highlighted the provision of military aid to Moscow by China's new Defense Minister. Joint military exercises between Russia, Iran, and China have also been documented.

Putin is now further solidifying his ties with North Korea. Bloomberg journalists have uncovered that, following a September summit between Putin and Kim Jong Un, North Korea has ramped up its shipments to Russia, sending approximately 6,700 containers.

The Nexta agency, via the X platform (formerly Twitter), amplifies Bloomberg's reports on the strengthening Moscow-Pyongyang alliance. A post on the platform outlines the extent of this bilateral exchange.

North Korea boosts arms deliveries to Russia – Bloomberg. South Korea's data suggest that #Pyongyang has shipped about 6,700 containers to #Russia, enough to carry around 3 million rounds of 152 mm caliber ammunition. In return, Russia supplies North Korea with food, raw materials, and components for weapon manufacturing - according to a post by Agency Next.

Additionally, Bloomberg journalists have reported a grand gesture from Putin towards Kim Jong Un. The Russian leader presented the North Korean dictator with a luxury limousine, though specific details about the car model and its delivery method remain undisclosed.

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