NewsRussia confirms the U.S. warned them about the danger of terrorist attack

Russia confirms the U.S. warned them about the danger of terrorist attack

Crocus concert hall in Krasnogorsk
Crocus concert hall in Krasnogorsk
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7:11 AM EDT, March 23, 2024

The Russian special services were made aware of potential terrorist attack preparations after receiving information from the United States. However, the details were vague, the TASS agency reported, citing a source from the Russian security services.

Adrienne Watson, spokesperson for the United States National Security Council, revealed on Friday that early in March, US officials had informed their Russian counterparts about a looming threat in Moscow. The warning specifically hinted at the risk of a terrorist incident during a concert.

On Saturday, a Russian source told TASS that "such information was indeed received." Nevertheless, the source stressed that the details provided by the Americans lacked precision and specificity.

Warnings Disregarded by Putin

The US Embassy in Moscow issued a precautionary message on March 7 to American citizens in Russia, advising them to stay away from large public gatherings, including concerts, over the next 48 hours due to a forewarned attack by "extremists." Following this alert, diplomatic missions from Latvia, Canada, South Korea, Sweden, Germany, and the Czech Republic in Russia issued similar warnings.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, three days before an attack occurred in Krasnogorsk near Moscow, which ISIS claimed responsibility for, dismissed these advisories as provocations intended to destabilize society and likened them to "blackmail."

The following Saturday, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation announced that the death toll from the attack had climbed to 93, with the number expected to rise further. The fatalities resulted primarily from gunshot wounds and carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a fire.

Source: TASS/PAP

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