NewsRussia claims significant gains against Ukraine amid Western scrutiny

Russia claims significant gains against Ukraine amid Western scrutiny

Minister of National Defense Sergey Shoygu
Minister of National Defense Sergey Shoygu
Images source: © East News | Russian Defense Ministry
12:19 PM EDT, April 2, 2024

Since the start of the year, Ukraine has reportedly faced increasing losses, according to Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Minister of Defense. Following a meeting with Russia's military leadership, Shoigu, in what was described as a propaganda speech, claimed that the Russian military has been successfully pushing Ukrainian forces westward.

Please note: Many statements from Russian media or officials are considered propaganda, serving as components of the information war led by the Russian Federation.

"Since January, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have suffered over 80,000 soldiers lost, 14,000 pieces of various weaponry lost, including more than 1,200 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles," Sergei Shoigu declared during a meeting with the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces.

In his address, Shoigu mentioned that following a failed Ukrainian counteroffensive in 2023, Ukrainian troops unsuccessfully attempted to secure positions on multiple front sections.

Russia achieved a notable victory for the first time in nine months this February by capturing Avdiivka, located in Ukraine's Donetsk region. Shoigu noted that Russian forces "continue to push Ukrainian units" towards the west.

The American Institute for the Study of War has observed that Russian forces have advanced west and southwest of Avdiivka. Geolocation recordings have verified, for example, the presence of the Russian 9th Motor Rifle Brigade on the western outskirts of the Vodyane village, southwest of Avdiivka.

"Should the Russians secure a strategic breakthrough, they would encounter virtually no resistance in their path, allowing them to advance far and deep — the most significant threat and worst-case scenario," Gen. Roman Polko told Virtual Poland.

According to "The Economist," Russia is gearing up for an offensive expected to begin this summer, putting the Ukrainian forces in an increasingly challenging position on the front lines.

Source: RIA, PAP

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