NewsRussia buys three large ships. Intelligence reports suggest a dangerous plan

Russia buys three large ships. Intelligence reports suggest a dangerous plan

More accusations for Vladimir Putin?
More accusations for Vladimir Putin?
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12:51 PM EST, November 17, 2023

Reports suggest that the most notorious leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, may soon be held accountable for further war crimes. According to the British Independent, Putin could be accused of orchestrating a "starvation plan within Ukraine." Intelligence reports indicate a scheme to seize grain from occupied territories was planned.

The Independent's presented evidence suggests that the designing of Ukraine's starvation was a carefully planned action. Russians seem to have been gearing up for this theft since the beginning of the war.

The respected international law firm, Global Rights Compliance currently manages this matter.

Available evidence and intelligence indicate that Russia purchased three massive, 557-foot cargo ships in December 2021, designated specifically for grain transport by sea.

"Grain export from the occupied territories of Ukraine started in the very first week of the war, with up to 12,000 tons of grain being exported daily," the British newspaper's journalists note.

Independent reporters add that investigators continue to gather more evidence of Russia's services' calculated and ruthless actions.

Can Putin Be Held Responsible for Starving Ukraine?

Ukrainians aim to prove that Russians acted with forethought, and the purpose of grain theft was to induce starvation in Ukrainian territories.

If proven, Vladimir Putin and his associates can be held accountable for additional war crimes. The infamous Russian leader may once again be named in the International Criminal Court's list of wanted criminals in The Hague.

It's worth noting that Vladimir Putin is already sought by the Tribunal in The Hague for abducting children from occupied Ukrainian territories. The US Senate along with the Sejm of the Republic of Poland have collectively recognized the Russian leader as a war criminal.

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