NewsRussia Boosts Election Turnout with Prizes: From iPhones to Apartments

Russia Boosts Election Turnout with Prizes: From iPhones to Apartments

Elections in Russia are predetermined. Only Vladimir Putin can win.
Elections in Russia are predetermined. Only Vladimir Putin can win.
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10:06 AM EDT, March 16, 2024

Local authorities in Russia are exerting significant effort to draw voters to the presidential elections. They're applying pressure on employees in the public sector while also luring voters with incentives like free meals and competitions offering prizes ranging from sugar to vehicles, according to the Moscow Times.

The Kremlin is determined to secure a record turnout for an election widely anticipated to confirm Vladimir Putin's re-election, as reported by the Moscow Times. It highlights the considerable pressure being placed on workers in the public sector and employees of companies with ties to the government to engage in the voting process.

Furthermore, officials are attempting to tempt citizens with offers of free lunches, concert tickets, and lotteries where prizes include not just packets of sugar but also brand-new cars.
As per reports from the Moscow Times, participants in the elections within the Altai Territory stand a chance to win sanctioned iPhone 15s or hair styling products from Dyson. Those who share a selfie from the polling station on social media are eligible to enter the draw.
In the Sverdlovsk Oblast, the election is even more enticing, with prizes like 2,000 Chinese smartphones, 45 apartments, 20 motorcycles, and 100 cars produced by Moskvich plants up for grabs.
Many of the promotions planned by local authorities are set to kick off at noon on Sunday, coinciding with a protest named "Noon against Putin" announced by associates of the late opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
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