NewsRussia behind Nicaragua's shock legal move against Germany over Gaza

Russia behind Nicaragua's shock legal move against Germany over Gaza

(Photo by Nikos Oikonomou/Anadolu via Getty Images)
(Photo by Nikos Oikonomou/Anadolu via Getty Images)
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10:12 AM EDT, April 25, 2024

Moscow is reportedly pressuring Nicaragua in a lawsuit against Germany, alleging genocide in the Gaza Strip, according to Politico. An unnamed intelligence officer suggests that Nicaragua has no legitimate reason to involve itself in Middle Eastern conflicts.

Russia is believed to have influenced the Nicaraguan government, with which it has close ties, to invoke the 1948 Genocide Convention in prosecuting Germany at the International Court of Justice. Politico's sources, including Western intelligence officials and diplomats, indicate that this action likely occurred at Moscow's behest.

According to one Western intelligence officer quoted by Politico, Nicaraguans "have no reason to interfere in the conflict in the Middle East." The sources suggest that Russia's objective is to challenge the credibility of the International Court of Justice among Western nations by promoting legal speculation. This comes after Ukraine lodged a complaint against Russia at the same court following the 2022 invasion and received a favorable judgment.

Nicaragua accuses Germany, Berlin refutes the claim

Nicaragua has charged Germany with facilitating acts of genocide and breaching international humanitarian law through its support for Israel's operations in the Gaza Strip against Hamas.

Nicaragua argues that by offering political, financial, and military support to Israel and limiting funding to UNRWA (a UN agency for Palestinian aid, accused of cooperating with Hamas and whose funding many countries have cut), Germany is "neglecting its obligations to prevent genocide and to uphold international humanitarian law".

Israel vehemently denies any acts of genocide, pointing out that the conflict was started by Hamas, which last October invaded Israel, killing about 1,200 people and abducting around 240 to the Gaza Strip. Israeli legal advisor Tal Becker emphasized to ICJ judges that Israel is engaged in an unwanted and unprovoked conflict, AP reports.

Germany vehemently denies the accusations, with a Foreign Ministry spokesperson declaring in April that Germany has not violated the Genocide Convention or international humanitarian law. The spokesperson added that Germany would prove its compliance during the trial. Nicaragua has demanded that Germany immediately halt all forms of aid to Israel, especially military support.

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