NewsRussia and North Korea have a plan. Lavrov met with Kim Jong-un

Russia and North Korea have a plan. Lavrov met with Kim Jong-un

Lavrov in North Korea. He spoke with Kim Jong-un.
Lavrov in North Korea. He spoke with Kim Jong-un.
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12:56 PM EDT, October 20, 2023

The North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed ways to tighten cooperation between countries in order to "respond to regional and global problems" - announced by government agency KCNA on Thursday evening.

Sergei Lavrov, who arrived in North Korea on Wednesday, conveyed greetings to Kim Jong-un from Vladimir Putin. He also thanked him for the "resolute and fundamental support" of Russia in the war with Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un said he is determined to fulfill the agreement made in September during a meeting in the Russian Far East with Putin.

The visit was not accidental

Reuters Agency forecasts that Lavrov's meeting with the authorities in Pyongyang will contribute to the preparations for the visit of Russia's dictator to North Korea.

"Russia like Hamas"

The war in Ukraine has been going on for over 1.5 years. The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen compared Russia to the terrorist group Hamas, which attacked Israel this month.

- Russia and Hamas are similar. Just as President Volodymyr Zelensky said, their essence is the same: they purposefully strive to kill civilians and children, to take them as hostages. This is a barbaric way of fighting - said von der Leyen during a speech at the conservative think-tank Hudson Institute in Washington.

As she added, both Hamas, supported by Iran, and Russia - a "client" of Iran - aim to erase their opponents from the world map and must be stopped.

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