NewsRussia amasses troops near Kharkiv, Zelensky appeals to world leaders

Russia amasses troops near Kharkiv, Zelensky appeals to world leaders

Another attempt of Russian offensive. "Russia is gathering a new group of soldiers"
Another attempt of Russian offensive. "Russia is gathering a new group of soldiers"
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10:16 AM EDT, May 26, 2024

"Russia is gathering a new group of soldiers near the borders of the Kharkiv region," said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a speech to world leaders.

"I am now in Kharkiv. This city lies in eastern Ukraine and, unfortunately, very close to the border with Russia. What does this mean for Kharkiv? Three years of continuous terror. Over a million people in this city. And every night, every day, the Russian army shells this city. Mostly with S-300 missiles. These are air defense missiles used by Russia for terror on the ground. There is no neighborhood or street in the city that has not suffered because of this continuous intimidation. Now, Russia has added attacks with guided air bombs - including the printing house in Kharkiv, which was destroyed by a Russian missile attack," said Zelensky.

"The only source of aggression is Russia, which constantly tries to extend the war. Right now, one day, we are defending ourselves 37 miles northeast of this place against another attempt of a Russian offensive," he emphasized.

The President of Ukraine reported that Russia is preparing to launch offensive actions.

"56 miles from here to the northwest – at our border, another group of soldiers is gathering. The one who is doing all this does not want peace," the Ukrainian leader continued.

"Does Russia want dialogue? Ukraine has the world's greatest experience in deceiving Russia in negotiations. Deception, which in particular was a cover for Russia preparing for this war," said Zelensky.

Zelensky appeals to Biden and Xi

The Ukrainian president emphasized that the most dreadful consequence of the war is a burned emptiness. "A war which we in Ukraine did not want. Which we did not provoke. And in which Ukraine defends itself against Russia's attempts to seize our resources and territories and destroy our national identity. And the world sees this, the Ukrainian leader spoke."

According to Zelensky, this is why a global effort is needed – a peace summit involving leaders whom Russia cannot deceive. "A summit that will show who in the world really wants to end the war, and not just pause it with a ceasefire that will certainly be violated by Russian missiles and artillery, as has happened dozens of times before," the president said.

"More than 80 countries have confirmed their participation. I appeal to world leaders... to President Biden, the leader of the United States. To President Xi, the leader of China. We do not want the Charter of the United Nations to burn. Please, show your leadership in bringing peace – real peace, not a pause between attacks. We ask for your support for the Peace Summit with your personal leadership and participation," Zelensky appealed.

Will the leaders not come?

On Friday, Bloomberg reported that Biden is unlikely to participate in the peace summit in Switzerland, as the date conflicts with a presidential campaign event in California.

Kyiv has already expressed disappointment with the Chinese side's expected absence in Switzerland, which is seen as a key player in negotiations with Russia. China, along with other countries of the so-called global South, expected that Vladimir Putin would receive an invitation to the conference. However, Ukraine and its allies do not want to cooperate with Moscow until any preliminary principles of a future peace agreement are established.

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