NewsRussia accuses Ukraine of orchestrating Moscow terrorist attacks

Russia accuses Ukraine of orchestrating Moscow terrorist attacks

FSB reportedly knows the organizers of "terrorist attacks" in Russia.
FSB reportedly knows the organizers of "terrorist attacks" in Russia.

8:11 PM EDT, April 2, 2024

Russian special services assert they have identified the individuals who organized terrorist attacks in Moscow by name. The Russian Ministry of Justice is calling for the arrest and extradition of all those involved, attributing the blame squarely on Ukraine. This stance is seen as serving Moscow's narrative conveniently.

Belsat TV reports that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) claims to have pinpointed the orchestrators of the terrorist attacks in Moscow. According to the Russians, they are not in the dark about the identities of these individuals.

The authorities have specifically named those behind the attack on Crocus City Hall, just outside Moscow. Aleksandr Bortnikov, the FSB director, mentioned that law enforcement and Russian special services are tirelessly working to track down the masterminds of these attacks, hinting at trails leading to Ukraine.

"As our president mentioned, we are aware of the names of those organizing and executing actions on our territory," Aleksandr Bortnikov confidently stated, as quoted by

Vladimir Putin urges tracing Vlasovites

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tasked FSB officers with locating soldiers who have defected to Ukraine, considering them a severe threat. These defectors are now part of the conflict in Russia's Belgorod region, which is witnessing intense battles.

Putin drew parallels between those fighting in volunteer units against Russia and Vlasovites, referencing the WWII soldiers who turned against Soviet authority after being captured by the Germans.

"Since Ukraine's full-scale invasion commenced, there's been a significant spike in criminal cases related to terrorism in Russia. Law enforcement frequently announces the arrests of those affiliated with volunteer groups opposing Russia," Belsat TV reported.

Russia points the finger at Ukraine for the Moscow attacks

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs alleges that investigations into the recent terrorist attacks trace back to Ukraine, labeling it as convenient propaganda for Kremlin insiders. Despite ISIS's admission to the act, aiming to undermine Russia, the Ministry demands the arrest and extradition of all those implicated.

As detailed by Belsat TV, the Russian ministry's demands include the apprehension and extradition of Vasyl Maluk, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, who is accused by Russian authorities of orchestrating the 2022 Crimea bridge explosion.

"Moscow insists that Kyiv's leadership immediately halt any forms of support for terrorism and compensate the victims for their losses," Belsat TV conveyed.

The terrorist incident in Moscow on March 22nd targeted Crocus City Hall during a concert, claiming at least 137 lives and injuring nearly five hundred. The Islamic State of Khorasan Province has claimed responsibility, though Russia continues to suggest Ukraine and certain NATO countries share the blame.

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