NewsRussia accused of drone attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure amid ongoing conflict

Russia accused of drone attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure amid ongoing conflict

"One of the most massive attacks." The unchanging target of Russia.
"One of the most massive attacks." The unchanging target of Russia.
Images source: © EPA, PAP, Ukrenergo | AA/ABACA

2:56 PM EST, February 4, 2024, updated: 4:20 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The corporation noted in its report, "Repair crews have had to restore power to customers in the region twice in one day." The essential and distribution network repairs are still in progress, yet power supplies have been re-established, according to Ukrenergo's Sunday report.

"Employees were able to lessen the impact of the drone attacks significantly, thanks to their preparation for all possible scenarios last summer. Notably, these were the first power outages since the onset of the heating season, which we've made it through for two-thirds," Ukrenergo reported in a Facebook post.

"The Russians' objective is clear"

"Already the third within a week, Saturday's attack was one of the most massive launched this year. This situation reminds us that the adversary hasn't persisted in their attempts to resume the energy terror initiated in 2022. The Russians' objective is evident - terrorizing the civilian populace, causing difficulties for the industry and the economy," emphasized the statement.

The power to two boiler houses and 7,500 customers was disrupted due to the attack. As a result of the network overload in the evening hours, parts of the Kryvyi Rih districts, along with five neighboring municipalities, experienced power outages.

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