NewsRumors from Russia: Patriarch Alexei II's death attributed to strategic murder, claims General SVR channel

Rumors from Russia: Patriarch Alexei II's death attributed to strategic murder, claims General SVR channel

Alexy II and Vladimir Putin
Alexy II and Vladimir Putin
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6:57 AM EST, February 4, 2024, updated: 4:22 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The General SVR channel is a profile on Telegram and platform X, dedicated to publishing rumors centered around Vladimir Putin and his governance in the Kremlin. Media reports speculate that it is operated by an individual or a group of agents from Russian intelligence agencies.

The information shared on the General SVR channel has never been officially corroborated by the Kremlin. This comes as no surprise, especially since they have speculated about the alleged death of Vladimir Putin, suggesting that he is continually being replaced by body doubles. These supposed replacements of the Russian president are depicted as less competent, often making errors, in addition to having numerous health issues.

General SVR has also implicated Nikolai Patrushev, the director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, as the true holder of power in Russia. The channel claims that he has decided to execute a hybrid special operation aimed at the Baltic states.

Riveting claims about the patriarch's death. Was Putin involved?

Claims about Putin's death have been vociferously denied. The Kremlin also refutes allegations of preparing for war with NATO, despite similar claims surrounding Ukraine. However, this time General SVR has conveyed intriguing information regarding the death of Patriarch Alexei II of Moscow.

The patriarch passed away in Moscow in 2008. The official cause of death was reported as a heart attack. The latest rumors pertain to circumstances surrounding Alexei's death. According to the information put forth by the elusive profile, the patriarch was strategically murdered using unusually ordinary weapons - a toilet and poison from a syringe.

The prior patriarch, Alexei II, was ordered to be 'exterminated' by Putin (murdered in the toilet by forcibly hitting the back of his head several times on the toilet bowl, then injected with poison) setting a straightforward path for choosing his successor - posts the General SVR.

The patriarchal throne was taken over by Cyril, who was allegedly an ideal candidate for the Kremlin. However, he has apparently begun to rebel recently, which has led to tensions. The patriarch is certainly not naive and fully understands the extreme measures the authorities in Russia are capable of. His predecessor's death serves as a stark reminder for him - states the post.

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