EntertainmentRoyal insiders slam 'The Crown' for misrepresenting queen's response to Diana's death

Royal insiders slam 'The Crown' for misrepresenting queen's response to Diana's death

Queen Elizabeth in 1997.
Queen Elizabeth in 1997.
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7:19 AM EST, November 30, 2023

The first four episodes of the final season of 'The Crown' have come under heavy criticism. Queen Elizabeth II's former secretary even stated that the creators have completely 'lost their minds', surrendering to their wildest fantasies. Royal family expert Katie Nicholl criticized the filmmakers for a scene involving the queen, which portrays her almost monstrously.

The early part of the sixth season of 'The Crown', set in 1997, centers around the death of Princess Diana. Many viewers are irked by her recurring phantom-like appearances, where she converses with her husband and mother-in-law. Katie Nicholl, author of several books on the Windsors, including 'William In Love', defends these creative decisions of the series.

"For me, it was not as horrific as some suggest. I think it's truly a moment of reconciliation, marking the end of a certain chapter in their shared history. Incorporating it into the script was not a bad idea," she revealed in an interview with ET Magazine.

However, Nicholl has serious concerns about how 'The Crown' illustrates Elizabeth II's response to Diana's death.

"While Imelda Staunton's performance is fantastic, she comes across as entirely lacking in empathy and emotion in this scene. She doesn't even shed a tear. I think that's highly unlikely and unjust to the queen. She was a person, a mother, and a grandmother. She would have been deeply worried and concerned for William and Harry. She almost had to step in as a mother and take care of them. So, portraying her as devoid of emotions does a disservice to our late queen," Nicholl explained.

The second half of the final season will premiere on Netflix on December 14th, focusing on William's relationship with Kate. The creators promise several highlights, including a student fashion show featuring Miss Middleton in provocative lingerie.

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