LifestyleRoutine eye check-up at optometrist saves Hampshire woman from potential blindness

Routine eye check-up at optometrist saves Hampshire woman from potential blindness

Katie Dunn was not aware that she was suffering from a serious disease.
Katie Dunn was not aware that she was suffering from a serious disease.
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9:04 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Katie Dunn, a cosmetician, lives with her family in Romsey, Hampshire, Southern England. The BBC reports that during her visit, the optometrist noticed abnormalities in her eye, which alarmed him enough to refer her to a specialist.

Patient's serious illness discovered by optometrist

Fortunately, Katie Dunn took the optometrist's concerns seriously. Following his recommendation, she underwent magnetic resonance imaging. The results revealed she had a meningioma - a non-malignant brain tumor - a shocking revelation for the 30-year-old.

If Katie Dunn hadn't discovered the meningioma and decided to undergo treatment, she could have lost her vision due to the tumor's growing pressure on her optic nerve.

"The optometrist's examination likely saved my life and my sight. If I had remained unaware of the tumor for a longer period, pressure on my optic nerve could have resulted in me losing my sight completely," emphasized Katie Dunn, as reported by Mirror.

To date, Katie Dunn has undergone two surgeries. Next, she faces a course of radiotherapy. However, before she commences it, she has decided to have her eggs collected and frozen. Alongside her own treatment, the cosmetician is also sharing her story, in the hope it will encourage others to be more proactive about their health.

"This type of tumor grows slowly, meaning I may have had it for years. Had it remained undetected, it could have caused other debilitating and life-altering problems. Needless to say, this thought terrifies me," shared Katie Dunn (Mirror).
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