NewsRome's Ground Gives Way Again: Sinkhole Swallows Cars, Evacuates Apartments

Rome's Ground Gives Way Again: Sinkhole Swallows Cars, Evacuates Apartments

A huge sinkhole in Rome "swallowed" cars.
A huge sinkhole in Rome "swallowed" cars.
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6:52 AM EDT, March 30, 2024

A massive sinkhole appeared overnight in Rome, from Wednesday to Thursday, swallowing two parked cars with its 33-foot diameter. This event marks the second such occurrence in just two days, stirring concerns about the stability of the ground in the Eternal City.

The sinkhole emerged in the Quadraro district in southeastern Rome, measuring approximately 33 feet across and twice as deep, precisely where cars were parked. Two vehicles plummeted into the void, while a third teetered on the edge, balanced precariously on one wheel.

This recent collapse is already the second sinkhole sighting in Italy's capital within a mere two days. The recurring incidents have left residents worried about the possibility of further ground failures, particularly as the cause remains a mystery.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported as the cars involved were unoccupied at the time of the incident.

Emergency response teams were prompt to reach the scene, where they managed to retrieve the cars using a crane. The area around the sinkhole was secured with fencing. However, this development led to an unfortunate discovery: structural damage to a nearby residential building, prompting the evacuation of 36 apartments.

Underground corridors signal a looming threat

According to experts, the construction of residential buildings in these areas went ahead despite longstanding evidences of the risk posed by sinkholes, challenging the safety of even nearby schools.

Stefania Nisio, speaking to the "TG la 7" news outlet, highlighted the oversight. "For years, construction has proceeded here with little regard for what lies beneath, which over time can lead to issues," Nisio remarked.

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