EntertainmentRoman Polanski cleared in Paris: The saga of accusations and acquittal

Roman Polanski cleared in Paris: The saga of accusations and acquittal

Roman Polański heard a sentence in a Paris court.
Roman Polański heard a sentence in a Paris court.
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1:19 PM EDT, May 15, 2024

Roman Polanski Exonerated in Paris Court: The Controversy Surrounding the Charlotte Lewis Case.

Roman Polanski finds himself once again embroiled in legal controversy. A Paris court recently cleared him of defamation charges. The spotlight has returned to the case of Charlotte Lewis, reigniting debates and controversy with Polanski's remarks.

In a significant courtroom decision, Roman Polanski was acquitted of defamation charges lodged by Charlotte Lewis, who had accused him of labeling her "a nasty liar" following her previous allegations against him.

Roman Polanski's courtroom relief

The allegations stemmed from British actress Charlotte Lewis's claim of rape against Polanski, which led to his calling her a "nasty liar" in a 2019 interview with "Paris Match." The legal question was whether Polanski's comments constituted an excessive defamation of Lewis's character or were permissible under the defense of his reputation. Polanski's legal team argued that his remarks were a necessary defense against public accusations. After diligently reviewing the evidence and witness statements, the judge determined that Polanski's words fell within the bounds of defending his own name, ultimately absolving him of defamation.

The Polish director faces down accusations

Roman Polanski has long been a divisive figure amidst various controversies. Notably, Charlotte Lewis accused him in 2010 of sexually assaulting her when she was just 16, an incident she claims shattered her career. This accusation surfaced during the Cannes Film Festival.

Polanski has countered these accusations by discussing his 2009 arrest in Switzerland, prompted by American authorities seeking his extradition. He suggests that the timing of Lewis's accusations was opportunistic, leveraging his precarious situation. In a 2019 interview with "Gazeta Wyborcza," Polanski described the allegations as part of a broader campaign against him, likening his experience to the medieval witch trials where the accused had at least the opportunity to defend themselves.

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