AutosRod Stewart's Ferrari F50 is now up for auction. A unique allure for collectors

Rod Stewart's Ferrari F50 is now up for auction. A unique allure for collectors

The car is in great condition.
The car is in great condition.
Images source: © Collecting Cars

7:41 AM EST, November 6, 2023

The Ferrari F50 holds a unique allure for collectors, and it's even more appealing when the model was initially purchased by a rockstar.

This machine is among the last of its kind - analog supercars. It might not have reached the level of fame as its predecessor, the F40, but that in no way undermines its value. The F50's worth escalates each year, making a well-preserved model a savvy investment.

Particularly a model with an intriguing history. The one at hand certainly qualifies. Most notably, it went straight from the Maranello factory to find a home in Rod Stewart's personal garage.

The famous musician cherished his F50 for several years. By 2002, the car had relocated to Dubai, only to return to the UK in 2007. Thus far, it has passed through the hands of six owners. Thankfully, all of them prioritized maintaining its technical integrity and did not drive it incessantly. The car's current mileage stands at a mere 10,998 miles.

According to the listing on Collecting Cars, in August 2023, the car enjoyed meticulous service, complete with a clutch replacement. A Ferrari Classiche certificate verifies the original state and superior condition of the vehicle.

Potential buyers can already start placing their bids. However, it's no bargain. With six days still remaining before the auction concludes, the highest bid is already towering above £2.4 million.

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