NewsRising tensions: Russian soldiers turn border towns lawless

Rising tensions: Russian soldiers turn border towns lawless

The Russians killed a man driving a car near Belgorod.
The Russians killed a man driving a car near Belgorod.
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5:53 PM EDT, June 3, 2024

For several weeks now, there has been a noticeable increase in hostility toward soldiers fighting in Ukraine in Russia. This is particularly evident in border towns, where the army has brought about complete lawlessness. This was demonstrated by a recent incident where drunk Russians in a tank crushed a man.

February marked two years since the escalation of Russian violence in Ukraine. During this time, besides the attacked country, the Russian regions neighboring Ukraine have suffered immensely due to Russians serving in the army.

As it turns out, in addition to military targets systematically attacked by Ukrainians, the local population is plagued by Russian soldiers stationed there. Due to their involvement in the war and the recruitment of criminals to the front at some point, almost complete lawlessness reigns in the army in those regions.

Many Russians serving in the military, coping with pre- or post-war stress, often break the law there. This manifests in various ways, but one of the most common examples is ubiquitous drunkenness and the abuse of their position.

Russians killed a man in Belgorod Oblast

An excellent example of building aversion to army personnel was the recent incident in Belgorod Oblast. According to ASTRA, on the night of June 1 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, soldiers were involved in an accident on the road from the village of Krasiwo to the nearby town of Golowczino.

Telegram channel reports indicate that a real tragedy occurred. The soldiers were completely drunk and chose one of the tanks as their means of transport. Unfortunately for them, Andrei Alekseyev was on their path.

They didn't want to stop even for a moment, so they consequently rammed his car, killing the man in the process. According to his wife, right after committing this gruesome crime, the soldiers tried to flee, but they failed.

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