NewsRising Russian propaganda targets US-Mexico border issues as 'precursor to civil war'

Rising Russian propaganda targets US‑Mexico border issues as 'precursor to civil war'

Russian propaganda in action. They are writing about the civil war in the USA.
Russian propaganda in action. They are writing about the civil war in the USA.
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9:39 AM EST, January 27, 2024

Propaganda plays a pivotal role in how Vladimir Putin administers the country. The elderly are the most susceptible to it due to their limited access to trustworthy information, often accepting each statement at face value.

It's noteworthy that over the past 11 years, the Russian government's expenditure on mass media has surged by 30 percent. Russian specialists frequently provide propagandistic commentary about the United States. Previously, they openly asserted on-air that they could effortlessly obliterate the US leadership, but claimed they weren't interested in doing so.

Currently, these experts are focusing on ongoing events in the USA. The migration crisis at the border with Mexico has resurfaced as a hot topic in the United States. As bielsat eu highlights, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has defied a Supreme Court ruling barring the National Guard from controlling a section of the border.

Governor Abbott instructed his National Guard to erect a nearly 31-mile long barbed-wire barrier adjacent to the city of Eagle Pass. Propagandists have latched onto this situation to disseminate phony news of an impending "civil war in the USA".

A simmering civil war in America: Texas law enforcement has seized control of the border with Mexico, barring the entry of undocumented migrants, regardless of an official decree from President Biden and a Supreme Court ruling. Foreign media are speculating that Texas might extricate itself from the US and become an independent state. This is highlighted as the rise of the 'Texan People's Republic' by the propagandists.

'The Texan People's Republic' is seen as an allusion to the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, unrecognized nations established on May 12, 2014, by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

"Biden is losing on home turf"

Donald Trump, interestingly, plans to leverage this crisis for his campaign in the upcoming presidential election against Joe Biden in 2024. A local Russian "journalist", Andrey Medvedev, confesses that a civil war seems inevitable.

If Washington continues with tradition by launching military intervention in Texas, it should be no surprise. Frankly, Biden has already faced losses in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, West Africa, Latin America, Yemen. It is time he encountered a significant defeat right at home - so goes the argument.

As emphasizes, Russian propaganda is so pervasive that even Telegram channels circulate videos portraying armed men commandeering migrants, falsely alleging that this is new footage from the Texas-Mexico border.

However, the circulated video is not at all connected to the present crisis and was filmed no sooner than in 2021.

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