TechRising Russian military activity a 'positive sign' for Ukrainians as dated equipment depleted

Rising Russian military activity a 'positive sign' for Ukrainians as dated equipment depleted

T-90M Breakthrough Tank
T-90M Breakthrough Tank
Images source: © Lic. CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia Commons | KONSTANTIN MOROZOV
8:47 AM EST, January 28, 2024

- I must mention the increasing presence of the latest Russian equipment on the battlefield, for example, the T-90M Proryv. However, this isn't necessarily a negative turn of events, proclaimed Gaidai in an interview with Channel 24. The military officer observed that the modern machines the aggressor employed on the front line could be seen as a favorable sign for Ukrainians.

This is primarily because Russia is depleting its reserves of older, dated weapons. It's only one of the reasons the Russian Federation is deploying fewer older pieces of weaponry. The other reason relates to their inability to keep up with the repairs and maintenance of damaged equipment, which forces them to rely on their newest machines for front line attacks.

Although, in theory, the more updated the equipment, the bigger the threat it should pose to Ukrainians, a critical factor on the battlefield continues to be the number of troops - a difficult feat to achieve with limited resources. The Russians' dwindling supplies have been recently corroborated by Estonian intelligence.

It's also noteworthy that Ukrainians, while discussing the latest equipment from the opposition, are still referring to machines that Western weapons can easily take down. For instance, the T-90M Proryv tank, mentioned by Gaidai, is the current best in the Russian Federation army but can't withstand the American infantry vehicles M2 Bradley. To better their odds on the front line, the Russians disclosed last year their plan to upgrade all T-90Ms to bolster the turret armor and improve the machine's rear portion.

Recall that the Proryv is a tank that was introduced only in 2021, as an upgrade to the T-90, a third-generation main battle tank. The makers decided to primarily enhance the T-90M's optoelectronics (Sosna-U) and affixed a reactive armor, Relikt, to the structure. The Proryv targets enemy units with a smoothbore 2A46M-5 cal. 125 mm, which has been adjusted for the latest type of APFSDS ammunition. Additional weaponry includes machine guns of cal. 7.62 mm and anti-aircraft of cal. 12.7 mm.

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