NewsRio city councilor caught in bathroom mishap during online vote

Rio city councilor caught in bathroom mishap during online vote

Councilman's recording leaves people stunned
Councilman's recording leaves people stunned
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5:07 AM EDT, June 9, 2024

During a council vote in Rio de Janeiro, an unusual event occurred. Cesar Maia was in the bathroom during the online vote. No one might have noticed, except that at one point, the laptop, which was on the floor, tilted. The video made it to the media.

During the city council vote in Rio de Janeiro, everyone had cameras on. One of the voters was Cesar Maia. His camera, however, showed too much. He was caught without pants in the bathroom. The video doesn’t reveal much, but it’s clear that the councilman is sitting on the toilet.

Total mishap during the city council session

At one point, the laptop camera showed the politician reaching towards the laptop. When he realized how much was visible on his camera, he quickly grabbed the computer and placed it on his lap, so only his face was visible. The 78-year-old Cesar Maia is a three-time mayor of Rio de Janeiro.

Chairman Pablo Mello burst out laughing, although he tried to hide it. Finally, he asked councilman Maia to turn off his camera. Cesar Maia continued to participate in the city council meeting.

Mishaps happen. Professor Robert Kelly experienced something similar when he was speaking live for BBC News. The recording was done using an online camera. At one point, his young daughter burst into his room and danced up to him. But that wasn't the end. Then, another child entered the scene on a ride-on toy. The professor pretended nothing was happening. To save the situation, his wife rushed in and took the children away.

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