Tips&TricksRevolutionize your garden with this unique two-ingredient fertilizer recipe from your kitchen

Revolutionize your garden with this unique two‑ingredient fertilizer recipe from your kitchen

The woman waters the flowers.
The woman waters the flowers.
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8:24 PM EST, December 18, 2023

From purchasing fertilizers to using coffee grounds or banana peels- these are all popular methods often employed to supply our plants with the needed nutrients. Each of these methods, however, has its specific uses. For instance, coffee grounds are not suitable for all plant types, as they can acidify the soil. Hence, a universal fertilizer recipe can serve as the best option for nourishing flowers.

Fertilizer recipe for flowers

To prepare this unique flower fertilizer, you will need only two ingredients: water and yeast. Dissolve 0.22 pounds of fresh yeast in 2.64 gallons of lukewarm water.

Ensure to use boiled water that has been allowed to cool down. Tap water may be too hard and often contains trace amounts of chlorine, which can harm the plants. Also, avoid freezing water as it can affect the plants adversely.

After dissolving the yeast in water, let the solution stand in a warm place for 1 hour. Afterward, the yeast-fertilizer can be poured into clean bottles and sealed. This will guarantee a supply of fresh fertilizer over a more extended period.

How to apply yeast fertilizer?

Yeast fertilizer can be used for both household and potted plants. Its primary advantage is that dilution is not necessary. Water the plants with the solution every 2 weeks.

For garden plants, apply the fertilizer from spring till the end of summer. For indoor flowers, yeast fertilizer can be used throughout the year. However, remember to provide a rest period to some houseplants after flowering. During this time, refrain from using the fertilizer for a month to give them time for regeneration.

Yeast fertilizer can also be used in spray form. This is particularly handy for plants suffering from pests such as aphids. Then, spray the leaves with the solution once a week.

This yeast fertilizer will make the plants grow healthy and lush.
This yeast fertilizer will make the plants grow healthy and lush.© Pixabay | JillWellington

The operation of yeast fertilizer

Yeast fertilizer contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and potassium. This unique blend of minerals potentiate the root system of plants, and enhances their absorption of nutrients from the soil.

An added benefit of yeast is its antifungal property. This attribute helps in eliminating various microorganisms that can threaten the plants' well-being. This way, the nourished flowers will grow faster and bloom more buds.