Tips&TricksRevolutionize your DIY skills: TikToker unveils game-changing screwdriver grip hack

Revolutionize your DIY skills: TikToker unveils game-changing screwdriver grip hack

A brilliant idea for a screwdriver.
A brilliant idea for a screwdriver.
Images source: © TikTok | sandra.maria.home

5:03 AM EST, January 28, 2024

Based in the U.S., home renovator Sandra Marie has gained significant recognition on American TikTok. Her claim to fame is an instructional video that discloses a little-known screwdriver trick. The video highlights the common issue of the screwdriver slipping from our hands during work, resulting in frustration and work delay. However, Sandra Marie shares a secret that's been a game-changer in her home renovation projects - correctly holding the tool can solve the issue.

The Screwdriver Trick

Instead of directly holding the screwdriver, use a wrench as a handle. Although it might initially sound peculiar, aligning the size of the screwdriver with the wrench drastically improves the tool's maneuverability. The handle's ridges conveniently fit into the wrench's socket, easing the act of rotating the tool.

Sandra Marie's trending TikTok tutorial has already been viewed nearly 1.9 million times! Many viewers have left comments expressing gratitude for the shared hack. Some of these responses come from men admitting they have never thought of such an idea and expressing how much this trick has simplified their work. Many women, too, have thanked her for sharing such an innovative method. Some have even announced plans to impress their partners with this new, more comfortable way to use a screwdriver.

Making DIY Tasks Easier?

Interestingly, this is not the sole hack that could simplify your handling of tools. Remember that moment when you're hammering a nail into a wall, and instead of hitting the nail, you slammed on to your finger? You probably still wince at the memory of that pain. To lessen the chance of such mishaps, you could use a nifty little trick involving a hairpin. Insert the nail into the end of the hairpin and align it against the wall. Even if you miss your target, your finger remains safe from any inadvertent strikes.

Another clever workaround involves handling dowels in furniture joints. If you lack pliers to grip and extract them, try a corkscrew. Drive the corkscrew into the wood and pry the dowel from the gap. Primarily, a winged corkscrew is ideal, capable of removing dowels with a quick, forceful pull. Both these tips prove to be life-savers during home renovations when you may lack the precise tools and have to resort to basic household items.

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