Tips&TricksRevolutionize your cleaning routine: The calendar method for decluttering your home in 31 days

Revolutionize your cleaning routine: The calendar method for decluttering your home in 31 days

"With the 'calendar method', cleaning will be much easier."
"With the 'calendar method', cleaning will be much easier."
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1:37 PM EST, December 18, 2023

Many of us have a habit of hoarding various items. It can be difficult to discard not only unworn clothes and broken appliances, but also children's artwork, random screws with no origin, paperclips, old batteries, detached buttons, and other miscellaneous items. If you're guilty of such hoarding, it might be time for a clear-out.

At first glance, it may appear like a major operation that involves meticulous examination and classification of items. But don't panic, as this time round we suggest a completely different tactic. The calendar method will revolutionize your approach towards decluttering, without requiring an exceptional amount of effort. Even better, you'll notice the first effects within a few days.

What is the calendar method?

The only tools required for a house cleaning with the calendar method are a calendar and a degree of self-discipline. It's best to start on the first day of the month and continue until it ends. However, there's no obligation to rigidly stick to this timeframe; you could start today and give yourself a whole month to complete the task if you'd prefer. The key is to schedule your decluttering in such a way that you can maintain a sense of continuity.

The principles of the calendar method are straightforward. Begin by finding one item on the first day that you no longer need or want. Depending on its condition and usefulness, you can either throw it away, sell it online, or donate it to someone who might find it handy. On the second day, do the same but with two items, and continue this pattern, removing an extra item every day for an entire month. You could discard almost 500 unnecessary items in only 31 days.

How to simplify cleaning with the calendar method?

To ease the process of decluttering using the calendar method, don't start with items of sentimental value. Begin with items you can easily let go without any remorse, such as old receipts cluttering your kitchen. As you get into the habit of discarding items, you can gradually move on to objects that might be harder to say goodbye to. By the time you reach this stage, you will be convinced of its necessity. The visible results will also provide motivation.

Try to avoid a haphazard approach. Stick to tidying one room at a time. Don't proceed to the living room, for example, until you have completely decluttered the kitchen. Reacting this way ensures that no area is overlooked.

If, by the end of the month, you still find yourself with superfluous items, continue the cleaning process until your home is completely free of excess belongings. Once all the clutter is removed, you will notice an abundance of additional space, which can then be arranged more practically and conveniently.

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