Tips&TricksReviving your indoor palm trees: The secret of homemade banana peel fertilizer

Reviving your indoor palm trees: The secret of homemade banana peel fertilizer

Withering palm leaves
Withering palm leaves
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3:58 AM EST, February 12, 2024

Palm trees are an extremely attractive and popular aspect of home decoration. These plants can fit well in many interiors and, crucially, positively affect our health. Indoor palm trees contribute to the purification of air within rooms. If you're just beginning your journey into caring for these plants, it may be smart to opt for less demanding species. Good examples are the Parlor palms, Areca palms, or Chusan palms. But what if your palm tree is showing signs of decay? Remember that even though these plants are relatively easy to grow, they still require regular maintenance. Luckily, a withering palm tree can be revived with ease. Simply add one secret ingredient to the water!

Why could your potted palm tree start wilting?

Regrettably, the leaves of potted palm trees drying up is a common phenomenon, especially in the lower part of the plant. This is a natural mechanism for palm trees to shed old foliage. Typically, at the spot where dry leaves were, a palm trunk forms. Sometimes though, these plants dry up due to inadequate care or other neglect. The quality of the soil and correct fertilization vastly influence the growth of indoor palms. It's vital to keep in mind that palm trees are not fans of extreme indoor dryness and can't tolerate drafts. Also, these plants should not be moved around too often or overwatered. Position palm trees in areas with access to sunlight. Unfortunately, at times, the reason for their wilting could be down to various diseases or parasites attacking the plant.

How to prepare homemade fertilizer for your palm

Providing palm trees with the necessary nutrients is essential to grow faster and healthier. Support your palm tree by preparing homemade fertilizer. The method is simple, you only need to add one ingredient to the water: the banana peel! Surprisingly, not everyone knows banana peels are a source of numerous valuable minerals and organic compounds. To prepare this homemade fertilizer, you'll need one or, at most, two peels. Initially, they should be cut up and placed in a large jar. Next, cover the peels with warm water. After two days, the solution should be diluted in a 1:1 ratio with water and used regularly to water your palm tree.

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